1973, Santos, SP. Lives and works in São Paulo, SP - Brazil

Renato Leal

Renato Leal has drawing as his primary language and geometry as a means of expression and construction of his artistic thought. Its production is manifested both in two-dimensional and three-dimensional, through drawings, photographs, sculptures and installations that explore geometry to constitute shape, size, structure, define position, highlight properties of the spaces where they are inserted and explore possibilities of physical and mathematical.

Some of his sculptures provide a physical and aesthetic experience for the viewer with his compositions and optical effects. They appropriate the exhibition areas, using the space as a support and element of relationship, challenging the public to move around it to activate them with their movement, and consequently their look.

Among challenges, questions and some statements, the artist continues to build a writing where the word is the line, the square, the rectangle, the circle and the point, without a period.

He exhibits regularly since 2004, in Brazil and abroad, with emphasis on: Geographies, Nosso Lugar É Caminho, a collective held in 2017 curated by Bernardo Mosqueira, at Sesc Santos-SP.

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