1973, lives and works in São Paulo, SP - Brazil

Beatriz Monteiro

Beatriz Monteiro’s artistic research orbits around photography as a dual space of memory and forgetfulness: an insufficient and subjective space, subject to occultations, distortions and resignifications.

In gestures of an archaeological character, Beatriz focuses on the past that remains, be it a place, an object or an image. She excavates her photographic archives, revisits the archaeological sites of her family history and collects clues, tracks, traces.

In parallel, the artist also looks at nature, not a nature seen and thought of as landscape, but as contemplation and emotion. From the natural, it produces ethereal images, suspended in time and space.

Creating dialogues between her small archeologies and her natural finds, Beatriz weaves visual poetry about human affections, their lives, deaths and frustrations. Poetry that widens the past and its supports through the creative energy of relating images and relating to them, intervening, reframing, overlapping, juxtaposing. For the artist, it is from this relational process that any possibility of transcending the impression-images is born. And that’s exactly what interests her

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