About Us

The ARTE FORMATTO Gallery was opened in 2015 with the mission of connecting Brazilian artists with the public and the market. Since then, the Gallery regularly participates in fairs and organizes periodic individual and collective exhibitions in its space in São Paulo. The gallery also promotes courses and workshops, fostering debate and training on contemporary art in open dialogue with its audience.

The diversity of profiles in its team of artists, which brings together both established and emerging artists, is one of the hallmarks of the Gallery that has multiplicity and dialogue as guiding principles of its activity.

Continuing an extensive and elaborate research and exhibition of works through the annual fair of artists without commercial representation, ARTE FORMATTO’s activity is characterized by a meaningful and honest encounter with artists and the desire to accompany them in their professional trajectory bringing them closer to the general public, curators, collectors and cultural institutions.

For us, art is beyond trends and its power lies in its ability to impact and question what is around it.