1976, Vitória da Conquista, BA. Lives and works in Itu, SP - Brazil

Jean Araújo

In his work, the artist explores subjects that refer to the history of optical painting. For this, Jean explores the game between light and shadow, this is possible through the construction of a tonal scale and shapes that vary between circles, squares and rectangles. The combination of everything creates a movement capable of deceiving the viewer’s eye, and invites him to reflect on what is being presented. His painting, with a reduced palette, expresses an economy of decisions, which gains power over the chosen medium. Through extensive research, the artist moves through different supports: cotton fabrics, metal, wood and paper, for his pictorial construction. He held individual and group exhibitions, in addition to being selected in several art salons, including as an acquisitive prize. Among the main exhibitions of the artist we highlight: Mirages – Hélio Oiticica Cultural Center – Rio de Janeiro, Immersions – Casa Franca Brasil / RJ, III Sertão Biennial – Vitoria da Conquista – BA and – MARP – Ribeirão Preto Arts Museum / SP.

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