1984, Campinas, SP. Lives and works in São Paulo, SP - Brazil

Marcelo Pacheco

He graduated in law from the University of São Paulo in 2009 and defended a master's degree in economic law from the same institution. In 2013, he installed himself in a collective studio in São Paulo, where he started to dedicate himself to painting. From 2016, he participated in collective exhibitions and art salons, among them the Salão dos Artistas Sem Galeria, in January 2017. He held a solo exhibition at Galeria Sancovsky, in August 2018, curated by Douglas de Freitas, when he presented a set of paintings and his first sculpture work. At the end of 2018, he moved to the studio Massapê Projetos (SP), where he inaugurated site specific work for the space, in August 2019. Currently, he has been expanding his pictorial research with the production of painted objects and sculptures and works made with collage and sewing of fabrics. Nominated for the Pipa 2020 Award. In 2018 he held a solo exhibition at Galeria Sancovsky (SP) and a solo project at Feira ParC (Lima, Peru) curated by Manuela Moscoso, and participated in the following group exhibitions: Featuring (Massapê Projetos, 2019), O Negócios da Alma (Centro Cultural) dos Correios / RJ, 2019), Painting Exhibition (Ateliê 397, 2018), Landscape-Scenery (Galeria Sancovsky, curated by Douglas de Freitas, 2017), 8th Salon of Artists Without Gallery [Galeria Zipper (SP), Galeria Sancovsky (SP ), Orlando Lemos Gallery (BH), Potrich Arte Contemporânea (GO), Patricia Costa Art Gallery (RJ), in 2017; Casa da Xiclet - Salão de Primavera, 41st Ribeirão Preto Art Salon and VIII São José do Rio Preto Arts Salon in 2016.

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