1979, São Paulo, SP - Brazil

Graziela Guardino

Investigate the binary forces that life presents. Her work consists of a restricted color palette, ambiguously portraying dichotomous experiences such as absence and presence, darkness and light, fragility and resistance: notions that accompany human existence. Consequently, her paintings offer a visual metaphor for how these opposing dualities can simultaneously exist and cause questions and understandings in our lives.

Through a process of experimentation, constructing, deconstructing, cutting, painting, pulling threads and sewing, symmetrical and asymmetrical shapes are created and juxtaposed evoking a sense of space, volume and distance while the textures and layers reveal the degree of psychological responses of such experiences.

Her recent solo shows include The Breath of an empty Space, Hong Kong Visual Art Center, Not as dark as a silent house, Rubicon Gallery, Melbourne and Finite infinity, May Space Gallery, Sydney.

Her works have also been included in prestigious art awards in Australia such as The Churchie Emerging Art Prize, Muswellbrook Art Prize and the Fisher’s Ghost Award.

Graziela completed her Master’s and research with merit and distinction from the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology in 2017.

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